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Another Hit GE Product: The CardioSoft PC-Based ECG 

The Cardiosoft is not just a software program for your office. It is a data management and acquisition device that will help to change your laptop into a diagnostic system that is highly advanced. This ECG makes it very easy to acquire, analyze, store and transport all sorts of ECG tests. These include exercise stress tests, ambulatory blood pressure and spirometry, and a lot more. 

We found that this GE product was very precise clinically, and extremely simple to use. It is very easy to connect this PC-Based ECG to the high demands of your practice and what your patients need. It is so helpful to have such a useful device that is so easy to operate. We think you will be as impressed as we were. 

For example, the CardioSoft gives you an IT framework that is highly scalable. You can build a diagnostic system that will evolve and grow with your practice. It is nice to know that you will not have to upgrade your ECG as your office gets bigger. This product has a fine ability to grow with you. 

It will operate as a standalone module, or it can work with a network that has many acquisition and editing work stations. It also will protect your data and system with many security tools. You will not have to worry about unauthorized people getting into this system. 

Another big feature that impressed our testers was that it has LAN connectivity that is greatly enhanced. It gives you total access to the raw test data. This lets you go back and review and re-analyze the test results later. You can look at historical patient data later that can be looked at right away on screen to assess the progress of the individual patient. It helps you to make improved clinical decisions.

We think that the GE CardioSoft ECG will provide you with all the support you need from an ECG in your medical practice. We also think you should take a long at the price of this product at Medical Device Depot, as it has the lowest prices on the Internet.

For more information on the Cardiosoft visit or call 877-646-3300.