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Blood & Fluid Warmers

When storing blood for transfusions, the standard procedure is to keep the blood chilled just above freezing, usually around 40F (or 4C), to ensure the red blood cells last as long as possible without damage or decay. However, unlike a refreshing drink on a warm day, blood and IV solutions are not fluids that you want to be cold when entering your body. Delivery of cold infusions and blood leads to a drop in body temperature, which can lead to unintentional hypothermia. To maintain a regular and healthy body temperature, it is best to first heat the blood or infusion solution in a blood and fluid warmer.

Also known as a blood warmer machine, fluid warmers are used to quickly bring blood and other fluids to room or body temperature for an easier infusion that won't result in hypothermia. We carry blood and infusion warmers from Astotherm and Astoflo, due to their high-quality performance and affordable nature. These blood and IV fluid warmers have a variety of safety features and alarms to ensure the fluids do not get too hot and provide dry warming that inhibits bacterial growth. Ensure optimal fluid infusions with several settings for temperature and flow rate, and provide rapid hassle-free insertion with the Astrotube groove. Give hypothermia the cold shoulder and provide excellent patient care with blood and fluid warmers for your hospital or clinic.