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Medical Device Depot - Autoclave

As a medical practitioner you are constant using a wide range of tools in your job that must be kept sterile between each use in order to eliminate the risk of infections or transfer of diseases. You have two choices for doing this. You can of course rely on a service that will come to your offices and bring you fresh, sterile tools as many times week as you contract for or you can buy your own autoclave.

There are two problems with using an outside service for this routine chore, first and foremost is cost, any type of daily or weekly service is going to put a drain on your resources. Secondly you may find that there are going to be days when you run out of the tools you need waiting for them to come back sterilized. When you buy an autoclave from the Medical Device Depot, you can eliminate both of these problems and handle your own sterilization in house.

Dopplers Let Your Patients Hear Baby's Heartbeat

Being an obstetrician one of the first things your patients are going to tell you is that they want to hear their baby's heartbeat as soon as possible. Dopplers were made to do just for this as they are designed to detect the smallest possible heartbeat so that your patients can heart that their baby is alive and doing well. The Doppler has been in use for many decades and while the concept has not changed very much over the years, the technology has continued to improve.

Once Dopplers could only pick up the heartbeat of a well-established heart, modern units such as those available from the Medical Device Depot can detect the slightest heartbeat in the fetus. This will help you keep track of the health of every new baby during its development. Not only will your patients appreciate the fact that you can tell them about the health of their baby, your job of tracking its development will be much easier.

Track Your Patients Heart at Home

When you work as a cardiologist, you spend your days keeping a close eye on your patient's heart when they are in your office. This is the easy part; the problem comes in with seeing exactly what their heart rate does when they are at home going through the normal motions of their daily lives. To do this you will need to send them home wearing a Holter Monitor.

The Holter monitor such as the ones available at the Medical Device Depot is designed to provide a complete record of what your patient's heart is doing over a period of 24 hours. This means while they are active and at rest. Once they return to your office, you can download the results into a computer where you can analyze them and make a much more accurate diagnose and provide them with the right level of treatment.

Helping Your Patients Monitor Their Blood Oxygen Level

When you find yourself with no choice but to place one of your patients on a supplemental oxygen supply, they are going to need a way to keep track of their own blood oxygen saturation level. Whether your patients are using an oxygen tank or an oxygen concentrator, it is vital that they keep their oxygen levels at optimum levels. You can make it easy for them by providing them with one of the latest fingertip oximeters.

The latest oximeters such as those available from the Medical Device Depot are designed to be easy for anyone to use. These units simply clip over the tip of one finger just like the desktop model you have been using for years. The reading is displayed directly on the top of the device is large easy to read LED display. Your patient will be able to track their own blood oxygen saturation level and maintain their own levels without having to continuously visit your office.

Medical Device Depot - Sphygmomanometer

If you work in the medical field in any way, one of the first tools of your trade that you learned to use beyond a thermometer was a sphygmomanometer. Better known to the uneducated as a blood pressure cuff, if you do not own several of them yourself and keep your ambulance or office well stocked with them, you are not going to be able to take care of your patients properly.

One thing that you will find is that there are a great number of different styles of sphygmomanometer and that they come in a wide array of price ranges. While you can get away with buying the cheaper units for your staff, you may find that the Medical Device Depot will make it possible for you to buy much higher quality models at prices that will fit well within your budget and do a much better job.