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EKG Machines Are Getting Much Smaller

The first EKG machines were huge machines that barely provided any real useful information despite the fact that they were big enough to fill a room. Today you will find that these vital diagnostic tools are small enough to be fully portable yet are far more sensitive than the original inventors could have imagined. With built in memories, they can be used for several patients, storing individual heart rhythms for the doctor to read later.

Modern EKG machines such as those available at the Medical Device Depot can be connected to a printer or to a computer in order for the doctor to compare result. This way you can store more records and comply with the latest government standards regarding computerized medical records storage. If you have not replaced your equipment, the time has never been better. New units are far more affordable than ever.

Getting the Lowes Prices on Spirometry Equipment

When you work with COPD patients keeping an eye on their lung capacities is a vital part of their overall treatment. To do this you need to equip your office with the latest spirometry equipment available. If your office is like most during today's tough economic times, finding the equipment you need at a price that is well within your budget is not an easy task. If you look to your local medical equipment retailer, you are going to find that the prices of this type of equipment can be very high.

Instead of shopping locally and paying far too much money for your spirometry, you will find that shopping online at the Medical Device Depot can save you money. You will be getting the best possible equipment for your money; the difference is that you won't be paying full retail price for them. This will allow you to stock your office with more of the equipment you need and still stay within your budget.

No Doctor's Office Should be without a Blood Pressure Monitor

One of the first things a nurse is taught is to use is a blood pressure monitor. One of the first things any patient that is seen in the doctor's office or the emergency room has done is their blood pressure taken. There are many different types of blood pressure cuff available at the Medical Device Depot ranging from very simple mechanical cuffs with a pump valve to fully digital versions that can take blood pressure readings as well as the patient's pulse.

Most of the new digital units have a memory that lets you to record the information for entry into the patient's physical records later. No doctor's office should be without at least one blood pressure monitor; in fact most facilities require their staff to have their own as well as the ones that belong in the office. As such you will find that these devices are available in a wide variety of styles and price ranges to suit most needs.

The Nonin Pulse Oximeter 9500 is the Ideal All in One Fingertip Unit

By introducing the Nonin Pulse Oximeter 9500, Nonin changed the way the medical community manages their patients' oxygen saturation levels forever. No longer do medical professionals need to use the bulky table top unit with a long cord and finger clip. In its place the Onyx offers a one piece pulse oximeter that provides an easy to read red LED display of the patient's O2 saturation level and their pulse. The accuracy of this unit is guaranteed to be within plus or minus 2 digits.

The Nonin Pulse Oximeter 9500 available at the Medical Device Depot is small enough to carry in your lab coat pocket and it weighs less than two ounces, measuring only 1.3 x 1.2 x 2.2 inches in overall size. Battery powered with an automatic on/off system to provide maximum battery life.

Are You Ready to Buy a New Pulse Ox Meter?

The pulse ox meter has to be one of the most common pieces of equipment in most doctors' offices today. For many years these machines were somewhat cumbersome and reserved for use in hospitals. Today these devices are small enough to be stored in your pocket so that you never have to be without one when you go in to see your patients. Your patient's oxygen saturation levels are a very important part of making a correct diagnosis for your patients.

The latest pulse ox meters available at the Medical Device Depot are designed to clip on the tip your patient's finger and provide you with a reading directly on the top of the unit. They have a bright LED readout that not only provide an O2 saturation level reading, many of them provide pulse and temperature readings to make keeping an eye on your patients far easier than you have ever been able to before.