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Best Features of the IQmark Digital Spirometer

The IQmark Digital Spirometer is worth your consideration. A recent addition to the Midmark digital diagnostic line, this product is guaranteed to meet or exceed the requirements of the American Thoracic Society and is very simple to operate. It will give you all the measurements that you need from a diagnostic digital spirometer.

This digital spirometer lets you do FVC, VC and MVV tests, and also to print out full reports on standard business paper. This is very convenient because it is much easier for a health professional to diagnose respiratory problems if the patients test results are on a full size piece of paper. This device will do pre and post bronchodilator tests and it is very easy to do for both you, the medical doctor, and the patient.

This digital spirometer uses a pneumotach disposable mouthpiece that greatly reduces the chances of cross contamination by patients. This ensures that your testing is safe and convenient. If this spirometer is used in concert with stop smoking programs, it greatly increases the patient success rate. You can easily enter the smoking history of the patient with this spirometer. It will tell you right away what the patients lung age and COPD risk are. This is very handy because it lets you give this information to your patients. This way they can see the actual condition of their lungs. When you tell a 35 year old man who smokes that he has the lungs of a 65 year old, this can cause some people to consider to stop smoking.

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