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The Best Features of the Schiller Spirovit SP-2 Portable Spirometer

The Spirovit SP-2 places all of the features and functions of a regular sized spiro product into one hand-sized device! 

The device gives you an evaluation of the data and results of tests right away. It does not matter where the tests were conducted. All of the data is stored in the memory chip that is on board the spirometer. There is enough storage on the device to last for dozens of readings. You do not need to concern yourself with running short on memory. 

The SP-2 has very fast and efficient data evaluation software so that you always get fast and accurate readings. You will not need to stand around and wait for the results with this spirometer. Also, you can easily put the test results for output fast the data can be sent to a printer to print out wirelessly. Also, the curves on the reading will print so you can get very exact data on paper for a proper diagnosis. 

This spirometer works well for a busy health care environment because it has all of the features of larger devices in one ergonomic hand held unit. The costs for running this device are very low. You can easily do pre and post test comparisons for your patients. It has a huge capacity for storing data. In fact, you can have up to a whopping 50 patient tests with six measurements for each one. 

The portable spirometer has a large flash memory for a lot of data storage. It also has a battery that will last up to 30 hours. You do not have to concern yourself with your spirometer running low on power when you need it most. It also works extremely efficiently when you need to send data from the device to your printer remotely. We like how it works so well in this task. 

It also comes with disposable mouthpieces that are very easy for you or your staff to replace. You will never concern yourself with cross contamination. The high quality LCD panel makes it easy to read even in dim light. 
If you are in need of a high quality, portable spirometer, we highly recommend this product at Medical Device Depot.