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Titmus Vision Screeners are the Best Choice

Titmus has been the go to name in vision screening for 50 years. This company set the standard back in the 50s with the original vision screener. Titmus devices will check important vision functions very quickly and easily. 

This vision screener can measure: 
  • Acuity 
  • Hyperopia 
  • Binocularlity 
  • Muscle balance 
  • Color perception 
  • Depth perception 
  • Intermediate and peripheral vision 
This machine is much better than a regular wall chart, which is good only for distance testing. A Titmus vision screener has a small remote control, including membrane switches that make it very easy to use. This gives you all of the test operations of the device right in your hand. The control is hooked to the device by a cable that is three feet long, so that you have a great deal of flexibility in where you are during the exam. 

The screener is equipped with a sensor that ensures the patient his head in the right position. The test slides come on automatically when the persons head is in the proper place. The test slides are very high quality they have the best photographic film available today that is sealed in between two slides of optical glass. This gives you the most contrast and resolution possible. The opal glass will diffuse the light so that there is a very even transmission without color. Night time light conditions can be provided by decreasing the amount of illumination. 

A Titmus vision screener has the best optics designed by computer on the market. There are several channels of optics that are arc arranged so that you get real stereopsis. There also are larger entrance lenses so that all sorts of patients can be properly evaluated. Viewing distances are easy to simulate in the most accurate way possible. For example, the vision imaging lenses for far away will imitate a 20 distance. The achromatic prism lenses will let the person being tested to easily converge to a reading distance of 14 inches. 

This vision screener is very light in weight and has a design that has been praised for its compactness. You can use it almost anywhere and can transport it with ease. All of your patients of many ages and sizes may be easily evaluated because it is very easy to adjust the height on this device. 

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