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There are a variety of vision machines that can be very useful in your optical practice. One of the best in our experience is the Suresight Vision Screener. This device features a 5 second, automatic test that makes the compliance of patients much easier. You will find that this helpful feature makes your vision screenings run more smoothly and will reduce your stress.

The Suresight also has unique lights and sounds that help get the attention of children. Young ones who will not behave properly during an exam can be a real burden on you. This screener makes this go easier and will save you time.

We also like the fact that it measures and indicates abnormal readings automatically. You do not need to interpret the results another time saver for you.

This vision machine works a healthy 14 inches from the patient. You will find that your patients are more comfortable and it will give you more accurate readings. Also, we like how there does not to be much input or cooperation from the patient with this tool. It works great for kids, for patients with a disability or with those who have a language barrier.

You can use this vision machine to screen for myopia or hyperopia, astigmatism, and anisometropia. It also features Welch Allyn proprietary technology. This makes sure you get fast and accurate readings. This helps to eliminate some of the most common problems with eye chart screening.

Another plus for this vision machine is that it will run for three hours of constant testing. You can run this product for most of your work day and never have to worry about the charge. It also weighs in at a mere 2 pounds, making it quite portable.

This vision machine also will screen babies, kids and adults. You even can run tests on your patients if they wear glasses or contact lenses. This is a great help to check for symptoms that are caused by the need for a new prescription.

If you need a vision machine for your medical practice, we have found that the best selection of products at the best price is Medical Device Depot. There you can find a wide variety of these sorts of vision machines, such as Welch Allyn vision screeners, and similar products from Titmus. Whichever you choose, you will find it at the best possible price online.