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Vital signs monitors allow healthcare workers to efficiently, accurately and quickly evaluate their patients, whether in a hospital or in an office setting. Whether vital sign monitors are used for a single purpose or to measure all of a patient's vital signs, today's technology renders these diagnostic tools compact and accurate. Utilizing vital signs monitors affords knowledge of important information about a patient's health. They are vital in assessing a patient's over all condition. The more unstable a vital sign monitor shows a patients signs to be, the more seriously ill that patient is.

Medical Device Depot is a good online resource to purchase both vital signs monitors and other medical equipment from all of the top healthcare manufacturers. 

One excellent manufacturer of vital sign monitors is Cardiac Science, the inventors of the first automated external defibrillator, and a full service provider of AED machines, ECG, cardiac stress and holter systems, and a wide range of vital signs monitors used in schools, hospitals, and doctors offices around the world. Products are sold under the Burdick and Quinton names.

Manufacturers such as the well-known Welch Allyn, GE, and the more economically driven Bionet each provide high quality manufactured units that offer durable, reliable selections of both continuous or 'Spot Check' modes of testing. All of these manufacturers vital sign monitors provide testing of blood pressure, pulse, oxygen, EKG, temperature, and pulse rate. Each of these companies maintains both an Internet and catalog presence.

The monitors these companies provide can be digital with manual or automatic inflation, such as digital portable finger blood pressure monitors with automatic inflation.

Modern vital sign monitors are used everywhere, even outside of a standard medical setting. They can be utilized for in-home care, or administered by team physicians on professional athletes on the playing fields; and they are in ever increasing use in a doctor's office as well as in hospitals and of course, operating rooms.

When you chose a vital sign manufacturer, be sure to note what type of vital sign monitor manufacturers are best suited to your needs and where your vital sign monitors will be most frequently utilized.