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All major exam table manufacturers are capable of providing a wide range of exam table choices. The top manufacturers provide a vast display of exam tables, in all different shapes, sizes, and uses. Hi-Low tables are excellent for patients with disabilities, and feature easy height adjustment options. Bariatric tables assist patients with special needs, including heavy and elderly patients. Also, there are specific categories of exam tables designed with a particular type of patient care in mind, such as a pediatric table for young patients or infants, or an office handling patients with OB/GYN needs. Exam tables designed for physical therapy or traction are another specialized option.

Among the top exam table manufacturers is The Brewer Company, a manufacturer of medical equipment including exam tables as well as specialty exam tables for dental and optical patients. Founded in 1947, this company provides innovative and high end exam tables, as well as power procedure tables, exam seating and a full line of medical equipment such as IV poles and waste containers. The company sites its development process as heeding customer input in their methodology.

Located in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, UMF manufactures and develops exam tables and procedure chairs, as well as creating additional medical supplies ranging from pharmaceutical cabinets to waste units. Working in medical exam table design for over 55 years, this company is committed to durability and efficiency in its products.

Regardless of what manufacturer you choose, be sure to select tables that are practical and comfortable; those which can successfully operate under your practice's specific conditions; and those which will have a durable, reliable life-span from a quality manufacturer such as those resource listed above.

An excellent resource for locating the right medical exam table for your needs is Medical Device Depot. This web-store offers exam tables and treatment tables of all kinds, along with a wide variety of medical equipment for doctors and healthcare professionals.