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Finding a refurbished exam table is a simple task - from eBay to well-known manufacturers of new and used medical equipment, to product re-sellers, there are many choices available online, in medical exam table catalogs, and through medical supply stores around the world.

However, medical exam tables come in many different sizes and have many exam capabilities. Just as you would when purchasing a new table, when buying a refurbished table, consider your own office needs, and the basic equipment that makes up any good exam table.

First and foremost, conducting a thorough exam is the basis for treating and preventing illnesses and diagnosing patient conditions. Both hospitals and private medical offices start treatment and diagnosis on a medical exam table. Naturally, this crucial piece of equipment must be able to meet the needs of yourself, your staff, and all of your patients regardless of the medical situation.

Of course, individual patients and individual medical offices each have unique needs. And because of the variety of medical needs, there's a variety of tables to choose. When selecting a refurbished exam table, be sure that you know exactly what kind of table you're seeking and purchasing.

Medical exam tables come in all different sizes, shapes, and uses. Refurbished exam tables must all be examined to be sure that it is the type of table you need. There are hi-low tables that are excellent for the wheel-chair bound patient; bariatric tables specifically equipped to manage heavy weight or special needs patients. In addition, there are specific categories of exam tables designed for pediatric use, orthopedic practices, and obstetrical and gynecological needs. Tables designed specifically for physical therapy or traction is another specialized option; and of course there are tables created specifically for optical or dental usage.

Look for dependability and durability in a refurbished table; the original year of manufacture, and the design standards. Exam tables are used for so many different types of patients and under such a variety of circumstances, which purchasers must make sure that in general terms the tables both suit a practice's specialized needs and will operate smoothly and comfortably.

Again, depending on your needs, you'll want to make certain that the refurbished exam table you select is equipped with appropriate functionality such as the ability to utilize hydraulics or electricity to raise or lower the table, a tilt capability to rotate the table, storage bins or drawers, and a removable top system.

Be sure to check on the type of upholstery a refurbished exam unit is equipped with, in regard to seamless or seamed style, softness or firmness.After all, your practice relies on a smoothly functioning medical exam table to make your patients comfortable and assist in diagnostic procedures, large or small. Be sure to select tables that are practical and comfortable; those which can successfully operate under your practice's specific conditions; and those which will have a durable, reliable life-span.