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Medical Device Depot - Wireless Versus Traditional EKG Machines

Wireless technology has been introduced to many spheres of life. Medicine is no exception. Wireless EKG machines are already available to provide more advantages to both patients and their doctors.

The introduction of wireless EKG is far from a mere whim. The advantages are much more considerable than one might think. Accuracy and comfort are just two of the positive characteristics connected to the usage of wireless technology in the world of medicine.

Electrocardiography or EKG machines are utilized to measure the activity of the heart over a specific period of time. This exam provides medics with information about potential diseases or threatening cardiovascular conditions. Getting accurate measures is of the utmost importance in such instances, especially if the patient has history of heart disease.

One of the biggest advantages of wireless EKG machines is the increased accuracy. Studies and tests have already proven that wireless technology is better. Wires used in traditional machines can get tangled and have the potential to affect the reading. The lack of wires increases accuracy because there is no component that could interfere with the heart activity measure.

In addition, the lack of wires makes it more difficult for the patient to misplace the electrodes due to sudden arm movement. Electrodes remain secured in the right place until the exam finishes.

Wireless EKG machines are easier to use than traditional machinery. The placement of electrodes on the patients chest is also simple and efficient.

The electrodes of the wireless EKG are positioned on a plastic strip. This strip gets attached to the patients chest and the machine can start measuring heart activity. This strip ends in a transmitter. This transmitter sends information to the main unit of the machine, no wires being used.

Wireless EKG electrodes are more comfortable and less intrusive than the wires that otherwise encircle the chest and upper body of the patient. Nearly everyone has gotten an EKG reading during one point of life or another. The discomfort connected to traditional machines is significant.

The main body of the wireless EKG machine can either be attached to the belt of the patient or it can be placed on a table. Such machines are very easy to use even at home. Placement is easy, wearing is comfortable and the main unit has to be nowhere near the body of the patient. All these advantages make the wireless EKG machine preferred by both medical teams and patients who have to monitor their heart rate on a regular basis.

Safety should be considered, as well, when advantages of innovative medical technologies are examined. The electrodes of the wireless EKG machine are disposable. This fact signifies that chances of infection or the transmission of any ailment from one patient to another are taken down to a minimum. 

The advantages of wireless EKG technology are far from overestimated. Ease of use and accuracy are two very important benefits that help doctors diagnose the patient and select the most appropriate treatment.