3 Ways to Boost Practice Revenue

3 Ways to Boost Practice Revenue

With declining reimbursement rates, ancillary services are more important than ever to physicians looking at the bottom line. Here are some of the top contenders for enhancing revenue streams, listed with national average reimbursements.

  • ANS - Autonomic Nervous System Testing takes less than 10 minutes to perform. It tests for autonomic balance, vascular health, physical/mental stress, peripheral nerve health and other critical hidden risk factors. It reimburses $172.99/test using 2 CPT codes. Provides a one page summary up to a full 24 page comprehensive report.

  • SudoMotor Testing - Analyze a patient's hand and feet in 3 minutes. Assesses peripheral nerve health (c-fiber function) and asymmetry between each hand and foot. Provides a one page summary report. Reimburses $131.18/test (national average)

  • Neuro-Cognitive Testing - Takes 10-15 minutes to prep patient, 20 minutes to test. Analyzes brain health, (ECG), brain processing speed (Evoke Potentials), heart health (EKG) and mental health (neuropsychology). Reimburses $903 (national average) using 6 CPT codes. Each test is processed into a fully-finished, clinically actionable report. Easy to understand biomarkers facilitate more informed medical interventions, such as biofeedback.

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