Where can I find Koko Filters?

Where Can I Find Koko Filters?

Given the recent bankruptcy filing by nSpire Health, manufacturer of Koko filters, you may be wondering what to do to ensure your access to Koko filters for your practice. We offer, and will continue to offer, all styles and colors of Koko filters and have them in stock, including standard, elliptical and for small mouths.

Pulmonary Testing Spirometry Koko Filters provide an effective barrier to potential contaminates, while not interfering with the accuracy and precision of the pulmonary function testing equipment. In addition, they provide the highest degree of comfort to the patient.

We sell high quality Koko filters, made in America. They come in a box of 100, and are compatible with Koko, KokoLegend, Keystone, Koko-Trek, Cybermedic Full Gas Systems, Collings 4G and 3G Full Gas Systems.