Why choose a PC-based EKG?

When you choose a PC-based EKG, you leverage the power of a computer. These EKG systems take advantage of the PCs unlimited storage capacity, large displays, standard printers and network connectivity, which are all limited or unavailable on the standalone systems.

The best systems integrate all primary tests for stress, Holter and resting, and offer built-in connectivity to a computer (or tablet) via Bluetooth, USB or both, as well as connectivity to a web portal (clinic locations can send EKGs to a central hospital).

7 advantages of PC-based EKG systems over standalone box units
  • Ease of use: point and click, large display, standard printers
  • Unlimited database
  • No need for hardware upgrades. Upgrade via software.
  • Use industry standard communication protocols between EKG and EMR
  • Save money on paper, compared to thermal paper of standalone EKG systems
  • Work with Windows PCs, Macs or tablets (iPad, Android and Windows tablets)
  • Web portal