Nasiff CardioResting PC-based Bluetooth ECG System

A resting ECG, or electrocardiogram, measures the electrical impulses generated by the heart. These signals are generated by the sinus node, which is often referred to the hearts natural pacemaker. As electrical signals cross the heart, it contracts. This occurs about 60 to 80 times per minute when the heart is at rest. A PC-based ECG, the Nasiff CardioResting system uses Bluetooth for a wireless connection to transfer information to a computer, allowing physicians to instantly read measurements at the point of care.

The machine is shipped with other materials, including batteries and 100 SupraTab Resting Tab electrodes, a cable, adapter clips, and Bluetooth USB adapter. The CardioCard software allows readings from the Bluetooth ECG system to be tracked via a mobile phone. Users can also save readings on their phone, along with a complete set of patient information entered via the program.

Using a PC/Bluetooth ECG

Doctors and cardiologists use an electrocardiogram during routine examinations. Patients lie on their backs and electrodes are placed on their chests, arms, and legs, adhered using an aqueous gel. It takes just a few seconds to acquire readings and record them.
Fast and painless, an ECG is a useful screening tool. Its able to detect the presence or absence of symptoms associated with a heart attack, ischemia, hypertrophy, and cardiac arrhythmias. Also, an ECG helps diagnose the cause of chest pain, palpitations, fainting, and other symptoms, and it can also verify the function of a pacemaker or effect of medications.
Interpretation of resting ECG readings by experienced medical professionals is essential to diagnosing potentially serious health issues. In many cases, doing so saves lives.

Where to Find the Best ECG

A PC ECG can be found on a medical device suppliers catalog. To determine the best options, review the specifications of available devices. Youll need to assess parameters, such as:
Measurement resolution
Heart rate range
Sampling rate
Time base
Dynamic range
Frequency response
System noise
Interpretation classes

Knowing how precise the unit is will tell you if it meets your accuracy requirements. You want it to support the fullest range of cardiac assessments possible. Speed is critical. A fast ECG detects abnormalities right away and allows for immediate management of any heart health issues. The comfort of the patient is important as well.
Compatibility is also a factor youll need to consider. The Nasiff CardioResting PC Based Bluetooth ECG System, for example, works with desktop computers, laptops, and tablets, and with Windows and Mac operating systems. Its also network-compatible thanks to built-in networking capability. The system is convenient and preferred by many medical providers because it can be set up within five minutes.
In fact, the PC-based ECG is a fast option for point-of-care applications. Just hook it up to your computer and follow the steps to taking patient readings, and you can instantly monitor resting cardiac activity. For more information, visit the Medical Device Depot product page, request a free online demo, or call 877-646-3300.