The Importance of Colonoscopy
The Importance of Colonoscopy

The importance of a colonoscopy cannot be disputed. It saves lives by helping in the prevention of colorectal cancer. The test is done using an FDA approved medical device, known as a colonscope. This medical device assists physicians with accurately performing the test to view the large intestines and rectum of a patient. 

Encouraging patients to have this procedure done is of vital importance. It is recommended that anyone over the age of 50 receive a colonoscopy, using an FDA medical device, to check for the possibility of polyps or colorectal cancer. 

It is important to not only emphasize the necessity of this test, but also to put the patient's mind at ease by clearly explaining the process involved in a colonoscopy. Telling the patient what kind of medical devices will be used in the test and how the test works can put the patient's fears aside. The procedure is done by attaching a small video camera to a thin tube called a colonscope. This scope is an approved FDA medical device. 

Other medical products are also used in the preparation and procedure of a colonoscopy, and these should also be explained to the patient. Patients should be aware that they will be sedated during the procedure to help ease the stress of the colonoscopy and to ensure relaxation so that the procedure goes smoothly and allows the physician to perform the colonoscopy accurately. 

There is also the home preparation, which may actually seem like the most unpleasant part of the procedure for some patients. In order to see a clear accurate picture of the rectum and intestines, patients must use medical products for two days. Patients must drink a powdered solvent to clean out their colon and prevent further stool being expunged. If this continues to happen, an enema may be necessary. 

After hearing all this, patients may still be apprehensive about having a colonoscopy, which is understandable. However, when it comes to reducing the risk of cancer and perhaps saving a life, the benefits outweigh the discomfort.

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