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Anatomical Charts & Models

Medical Device Depot carries a wide variety of anatomical teaching aids, including models, charts, books and DVDs accurately detailing every aspect of human anatomy. Find nearly every part of the human body mapped out in extreme detail, from entire system charts to specific organs. See 3D models of the inner workings of the body, such as digestive system models or replica human skeletons. Get organ charts with clearly labeled vital information and easy-to-understand artist renditions of the organs and systems accurately depicted. We also carry anatomical charts and models from 3B Scientific, for detailed, accurate, hands-on representations of the human body and everything found within.
Our models make excellent tools in education and teaching as they allow the student to see the organ or system in all three dimensions for a better understanding of how all the parts interconnect and work together. Get modes with removable parts to better understand the internal space of the chest cavity or unique structure of the human skeleton. Get hands-on experience with injection trainers, or see minute parts, such as a tooth blown up for even greater detail with the help of dental models.
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