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Over the years, advancements in modern medicine have resulted in the introduction of portable instruments that allow doctors to monitor patients beyond the boundaries of the hospital. A good example is the ambulatory blood pressure monitor.

Ambulatory blood pressure monitors (ABPM) are medical devices used in observing and recording the blood pressure of an individual. They can be used with static patients or with people engaged in daily activities. They are usually worn over a 24 hour period. This gives doctors and physicians better information about a patient's blood pressure, as opposed to the readings obtained from a singular office visit, thereby allowing doctors to effectively screen patients who are not really hypertensive and in no immediate need for related treatment.

Ambulatory blood pressure monitors can be used in evaluating patients with resistant blood pressure levels; monitoring patients who already have an established case of hypertension; or deciding if symptoms, such as a patient's lightheadedness, are connected to blood pressure fluctuations. Ambulatory blood pressure monitors can also be used for examining the night time or diurnal blood pressure pattern of a patient.

The information provided by an ABPM can assist doctors in identifying people who have normal blood pressure levels, people who are pre-hypertensive, and those already suffering from the condition. The recorded readings can also be used in identifying patients with fluctuating blood pressure levels. People whose results display consistently high blood pressure readings stand the risk of experiencing health difficulties such as stroke, heart attacks, or possibly death. The risk of hypertension grows with any further increase in your BP readings.

There are different types of Ambulatory blood pressure monitors in use today. You choice will largely be affected by your budget, the opinions of your physician, and your personal preferences. For instance, you might wish to work with trans-telephonic Ambulatory blood pressure monitors. These ABPM devices are designed to allow you to transmit the measured readings to a processing receiver via a telephone network. You'll find fairly large ABPMs, and finger mounted devices.

Alternatively, you can choose to work with semi-automated or fully automated Ambulatory blood pressure monitors. Semi-automated ABPM devices are activated by patients, while fully automated devices function at pre-assigned intervals. Some Ambulatory blood pressure monitors can be used at home, while others, such as the intra-arterial ABPM, are restricted for use within medical and research establishments because of their cost and complexities.

Ambulatory blood pressure monitors are readily available online. The web offers a convenient and far more flexible approach to buying medical instruments. Ambulatory blood pressure monitors are produced by many of the major medical manufacturers around the world. To guarantee that you buy quality instruments, it is vital that you approach accredited and recognized retailers.

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