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2017 Cardiopulmonary CPT Codes

Holter Monitoring

Description CPT FEE
ECG monitoring for 48 hours with 93224 $92.59
- Super-imposition scanning; includes
- Analysis with report, recording
- Physician interpretation
- Recoding 93225 $26.92
Scanning Analysis with report 93226 $38.40
Physician review and interpretation 93227 $27.28

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring

Description CPT Fee
Ambulatory Blood Pressure 93784 $54.55
ABP monitoring, 24 hours, including
- Recording, scanning analysis,
- Interpretation and report

Spirometry Tests

Description CPT Fee
Spirometry, including graphic record, total and timed, vital capacity, expiratory flow rate, and or maximal voluntary ventilation(modifier-28) 94010 $36.25
Bronchospasm evaluation: spirometry as in 94010 before and after bronchodialtor or exercise 94060 $61.73
Add $20 for medication.
Multiple spirometric determinations after bronchodialator with spirometry as in 94010 (Metholcholine Challenge) 94070 $60.01
Spirometry, slow vital capacity
Maximum breathing capacity max. volume ventilation; Respiratory flow volume loop 94375 $40.20
Aerosol or vapor inhalations, initial 94664 $17.59

Pulse Oximetry

Description CPT Fee
Non-invasive ear or pulse oximetry for oxygen sat. 94762 $24.76

Stress Test

Description CPT Fee
Cardiovascular stress test, treadmill or bicycle, continuous ECG monitoring with physician supervision 93015 $77.52
Metabolic Stress Testing (Below)

Pulmonary Stress (complex) 94621 $165.01
Pulmonary Stress (complex) 94620 $57.06


Description CPT Fee
Resting with HR Valsalva 93000 $17.23
Rhythm EKG 93040 $12.92
Signal Averaging ECG 93278 $30.86
HRV R-R Interval with BP Valsalva (5 Min Tilt) 95922 $101.57
HRV R-R Intervals with HR Valsalva 95921 $86.49

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