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Vision Screeners

Vision Screeners & Testers

Vision screeners test for primary vision disorders such as blurred vision, cataracts, and macular degeneration. We carry some of the top manufacturers of vision screening devices, such as Welch Allyn, Titmus, plusoptiX, and Stereo Optical. These vision testing machines are lightweight, portable, ergonomic, and some even include on-site training. We have a wide selection of both adult models and children's vision screeners, to make testing easy, no matter the patient’s age. Get results that are accurate and repeatable with reliable equipment from a trusted name. Call us today at 877-646-3300.



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Vision Screening Equipment

Find all things for vision screening from Medical Device Depot, including vision tester equipment, instruments and accessories for diabetic retinopathy screening and glaucoma testing. A visual tester is typically used for screening primary vision disorders in children and adults alike on instruments such as a Welch Allyn spot vision screener. Other vision testing tools include autorefractors that can identify a variety of vision problems in patients such as near- or far-sightedness, unequal refractive power, blurred vision due to an issue with eye structure, pupil size deviations and eye misalignments.

We carry an extensive selection of vision testers and eye exam machines from popular manufacturers such as Titmus, Stereo Optical, Plusoptix and more. Purchase handheld devices or desktop models such as the CenterVue DRS Automatic Retinal Camera. In addition to these instruments, we also carry accessories for testing vision, such as eye charts, the far-point acuity binocular HOTV tests, near-point lateral phoria slides and other various perception tests. We even have carrying cases with wheels for when you need the instrument to be mobile. Shop out great deals, or call us today at 877-646-3300.