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Thermometers are a large part of ensuring a patient's health, even though the often small and unassuming medical instruments are generally not as obvious as some of the pricier, more noticeable devices.

Over the years, thermometers have developed along with modern technology and now have many benefits and advantages that make them easier to use and more accurate than ever before. In addition, there are more features and benefits to most thermometers than there were in the past, making them even more user-friendly than they once were.

Features of thermometers

Today, most thermometers are user friendly, accurate, and safe. More companies, such as the Medical Device Depot at, are selling thermometers that come with removable probes to help reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

Waiting for several minutes to get readings on thermometers is a thing of the past. Now, you can generally get a reading from oral temperatures in as a little as 4 seconds. For auxiliary readings you can count on it taking around 10 seconds.

For those concerned with positioning, there are some thermometers that have feedback lights installed which signals if the probe has been positioned in the right manner conducive to reading the temperature.

A heated probe tip can help improve accuracy and repeatability while a probe cover detection system helps make sure that the infrared heat transfers precisely so that the accuracy is improved. A button releasing the probe cover means that the healthcare worker doesn't have to touch the probe in order to discard the cover.

Types of thermometers

There are all different sorts of thermometers available and most medical care facilities have a range on hand to suit various needs. A baby thermometer, for instances, offers advantages to the very young that a unit more suited to an adult might lack. Some baby ear thermometers are ergonomically designed to take temperatures with just the simple click of a button.

Digital thermometers can take temperatures, orally, rectally, and under the arms. Most are ergonomically designed so that not only is accuracy prevalent, but comfort is not forgotten, either.

A patient's temperature should be monitored for a variety of reasons. Body temperature regulation pre and post surgery is important since anesthesia and other influences can often cause the body temperature to spike or drop. During an illness, a temperature can be a sign of an infection. High temperatures in infants can cause febrile seizures. Therefore, using accurate thermometers is essential.

In the past, ensuring accuracy wasn't always easy with thermometers. Some of them were difficult to read and once you were able to read them, the results could vary. With the help of modern technology, however, accuracy has improved as has the ease of taking the temperature to begin with.

Safety has long been an issue concerning medical instruments but this has also been addressed with today's thermometers. With disposable probe covers, you can now safely use the same thermometer on multiple patients and reduce the risk of spreading contagious infections or other communicable diseases.


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