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As any doctor can tell you, the Otoscope is one of the most useful diagnostic tools he is likely to own, next to his stethoscope and a thermometer. While this illuminated examination tool was originally designed to allow the physician to look into their patient's ear canal so that they could look for signs of infection or damage to their outer ear drum, today the average doctor uses his Otoscope to examine ears, noses and throats, as well as their patient's eyes.

What many doctors are not always aware of is that there is more than one style of Otoscope and that having a range of them available in their office can make diagnosing and treating their patients far easier, and in many cases less painful. The most commonly found Otoscopes in most doctors' examination rooms are the wall mounted models. Just like the name says, these units are mounted on the wall and are generally AC powered. Because they have to be plugged into a wall outlet to work, you can only use them in the exam room.

The Battery Powered Otoscope Offers Complete Mobility

While there is nothing wrong with keeping wall mounted Otoscopes in each examination room, this may not be the most cost effective method of supplying your office with the tools that you need to treat your patients. Rather than investing in an Otoscope for each of your exam rooms, you may find it far more cost effective to pick up one or two rechargeable battery powered models. This way you can take the same one from one room to the next, and use the money you have saved to buy other equipment you need.

The one thing that you do need to be aware of when you buy a battery powered Otoscope is that you need to keep the battery fully charged at all times. Not only does this make it much easier for you to see into your patient's ear, but if you are using one where a low battery is causing poor lighting, you can easily end up making the wrong diagnosis or missing the problem entirely. This problem can be easily avoided by making sure that you keep your device in the charger whenever it is not in use, and by having a spare one to use if your primary battery is dead.

If you have been talking to your regular medical equipment supplier about a battery powered Otoscope or even a standard wall mount model, you may find that the prices he is quoting you for them are too high for your budget. Rather than end up going without these all-important diagnostic tools, or continuing to use older models that are not getting the job done, you need to take a look at the selection of different models in our online catalog at the Medical Device Depot. We carry one of the largest selections online and guarantee that we have the lowest prices you are going to find anywhere on the web, or we will refund the difference.