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Developed in the early seventies, oximeters have since become invaluable medical instruments. They are used to monitor or measure the saturation of oxygen in a patient's bloodstream. Within the hospital, oximeters are typically connected to monitors that allow doctors and medical personnel to observe the oxygenation level of a patient at all times. Sensors can be placed on the foot, earlobe, or fingertip.

Onyx pulse oximeters are extremely crucial during the emergency treatment of patients who are suffering from cardiac-related conditions such as hypopnea or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). They can, however, be used in over a dozen different scenarios outside of the hospital. For instance, oximeters are commonly used to monitor the oxygen level of pilots flying in unpressurized aircrafts. Mountain climbers and athletes also often rely on portable pulse meters to monitor their oxygen levels, ensuring that their levels remain within healthy limits.

Pulse oximeters come in a wide range of sizes and designs. Some of these include finger-mounted equipment and wrist-mounted devices. Depending on the model and brand, pulse oximeters might provide additional functions such as monitoring your heart rate. The cost of an Onyx pulse oximeter will largely be affected by factors such as its size, design, range of functions, and where you choose to buy it from.

Unsurprisingly, oximeters have grown to become a popular item around the country. In 2006, it was estimated that sales of oximeters accounted for over $200 million. This figure is expected to grow in the coming decades. Many of the major medical equipment manufacturers today are producers of pulse oximeters. Buying medical equipment is even easier thanks to the convenience of the web. There are dozens of sites online where Onyx pulse oximeters can be bought.

The high saturation of Onyx pulse oximeters on the market, however, makes it a lot more difficult to find reliable retailers. In order to make the right choice, you will need to carefully assess the online retailer that you buy your medical equipment from. Avoid stores with poor ratings and only choose stores that are associated with reputable manufacturers. It is also vital that the store offers warranties and guarantees the safety and quality of the equipment being sold.

Despite what many people might suggest, Onyx pulse oximeters do not always have to be expensive. The trick is to find stores that offer an acceptable blend between quality and price. In this respect, you're far more likely to find a decent bargain by buying your equipment online. Thanks to their reduced overhead and bulk purchasing plans, online medical stores are able to charge lower prices. It is one of the reasons why we have become so well-loved.

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