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For more decades than most of us care to remember, hooking your patient up to a pulse oximeter meant having them attached to the monitoring device via a long lead. If this was the only monitor you had them attached to, the wire was mostly an inconvenience and only got in the way if you had to move around them. If they were connected to oxygen or had an IV in place, the resulting mess could be a nightmare. The fully self-contained Nonin 9500 pulse oximeter was invented specifically to solve this particular problem.

Any time that you have excess and unnecessary leads, tubes or wires running around a patient in the exam room or hospital bed, you have the potential for a disaster. It only takes one false move for all of these tangled leads, etc., to end up snagging on someone or something at the wrong time and end up ripping out an IV line or crimping off the life sustaining oxygen tube. Because the Nonin 9500 pulse oximeter has been designed to be an all in one unit, there are no wires or leads coming out of it that can get in the way or become entangled in anything at all.

The Nonin 9500 Pulse Oximeter Is Completely Portable

Not only is the Nonin 9500 pulse Oximeter fully self-contained, but because it displays the patient's oxygen saturation level and pulse rate in bright red LEDs, the unit is completely portable. Instead of needing to wheel a cart loaded with the monitoring station from one patient to the next every time you need to check their SpO2 levels, you can carry your pulse oximeter in your pocket and clip it on a finger when needed. After a few seconds, you will get a reading that is guaranteed to be (Ams*): 70-100% SpO2 +/- 2 digits.

If you are worried that a battery powered unit is going to let you down right when you need it the most, the Nonin 9500 pulse oximeter is rated for 1800 hours of continuous use, or up to 1600 spot checks with two alkaline AAA batteries. This pulse oximeter is considered to be so reliable that both the US Air Force and the US Army aeromedical units have certified them for use in their helicopter medical evacuation helicopters. If they are rugged enough to be used in this type of environment, imagine how well one will stand up to being used in your daily practice.

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