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Medical Device Depot Donates Mac1200 ECG Machines to MediSend International

Mac1200 ECG Machines

On November 27, 2012 Medical Device Depot donated 21 refurbished GE Mac 1200 ECG Machines to MediSend International. The ECG machines, with a total value of $30,345, will be used to assist MediSend in supplying necessary equipment to healthcare professionals around the world. MediSend International Representative Ginny Stehle has this to say in response to the donation:

Thank you for your recent donation of 21 refurbished GE Mac 1200 ECG Machines that were received on November 27, 2012. Your generosity is vital to the success of MediSend International and helps improve the safety and reliability of healthcare delivery to people in need around the world.

Your donation of quality medical equipment ensures that our humanitarian hospital partners will also have the technology needed to deliver care to patients in need.

Started in 2007, Medical Device Depot (MDD), in Ellicott City, Maryland. MDD sells new cardiopulmonary devices and medical equipment to physicians, hospitals, and government agencies--MDD distributes technology from manufacturers such as Welch Allyn, Midmark, and Cardiac Science and many other manufacturers at deeply discounted prices.

Medical Device Depot is proud to support the efforts of healthcare professionals around the world. Please visit our website at or call us at 877-646-3300.