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The most reassuring sound that an expectant mother can hear is her baby's heartbeat. This sound is also essential for doctors and technicians to monitor the baby's health. From this single sound, it is possible to know if other monitoring or steps need to be taken to safeguard the growing fetus. Problems that might go unnoticed otherwise can be discovered through the use of a fetal Doppler monitor. Lightweight and easy to carry, this can be used by both doctor and patient in determining risks to the fetus. The fetal Doppler monitor is of use for personal, as well professional use by medical staff.

Uses of the fetal Doppler Monitor

The Doppler fetal monitor is sometimes referred to as the Doppler fetal heart rate monitor. This hand-held ultrasound transducer was invented in 1958 by Dr. Edward H Hon, but was not as widely used as it is today, until the 1990s. There are models that provide an audible simulation of the heartbeat, while others also display the heat rate in beats per minute. Other terms for the use of this device include Doppler auscultation and simply Doppler. The use of the device is simpler than that of the fetal stethoscope, but this Doppler allows more than one individual to hear the fetal heart beat at a time.

Personal Use of the fetal Doppler Monitor

For parents who are concerned for baby's welfare, it is becoming more common for the in home use of the fetal Doppler Monitor. Parents are able to rent or purchase the monitor to listen and record the baby's heart rate. Some doctors, in cases when there could be a medical problem, as in the case of ordered bed rest for the mother, will authorize the use of fetal care monitors. It should be understood by the parents, however, that products for monitors that are not from professional medical care industries are typically not of the quality or usefulness as those used professionally.

The Professional Use fetal Doppler Monitor

Monitors such as the Nicolet Pocket-Dop II Doppler have the abilities a doctor will need to help make determinations of care, while being small enough for a patient to carry with ease, or have nearby. With several different probes, this fetal Doppler monitor is of use from 12 weeks through delivery. The 2 MHz probe can detect fetal heart tones at 12 weeks, and the waterproof 2 MHz probe for late pregnancy can be used for underwater deliveries, as well as for typical delivery conditions.

Servicing and Ordering

Because there is a wide range of products that fit the fetal Doppler monitor description, it can be important for medical professionals to find clear information regarding the exact use of the monitor before purchase. Medical Device Deport clearly designates the uses of the fetal Doppler monitor, and knowledgeable representatives are available to discuss the exact specifications of the fetal Doppler monitor currently on the market. Whether for home use or for use by medical staff, the Doppler used should be effective as well as convenient to use.

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