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Revolutionary New 12-Lead ECG/EKG Device Works Wirelessly With Any Android Cell Phone or Tablet

ECG/EKG Device

In the healthcare field, having the right information available immediately at a crucial moment is essential. Instant access to care sometimes makes the difference between an early intervention and a late diagnosis. Because of the fast-paced setting, connectivity and accuracy are necessary features for today’s ECG/EKG machines. Not only must ECG systems be portable enough to reach patients in any setting, ECG data also needs to travel wirelessly.

Nasiff Associates solves these problems with the CardioCard Mobile, a wireless 12 lead EKG machine with interpretation that runs on tablets and smartphones. The CardioCard Mobile is the first ECG machine with the ability to run a ECG test directly on Android tablets and smartphones, turning the portable device into a fully-functioning electrocardiogram machine. Now you can provide expert ECG analysis to patients in the doctor’s office or halfway across the world.

After performing an ECG, use the CardioCard Management System to perform further analysis and print reports. EMR connectivity with fully integrated systems assists with wireless record management, reducing errors and allowing immediate remote reviews. A PDF output option ensures a universally compliant format for storing and exchanging ECG data. Gain the combined power of advanced ECG technology with the versatility to store and send data.

The CardioCard Mobile provides the ultimate portable ECG solution.