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Medical Device Depot - The Best EKG Machines for Small Clinics

According to recent statistics, every 20 seconds in the U.S. sees someone suffering a heart attack. While approximately 62% of victims survive these cardiac episodes, the other 38% do not. With today's advancements in medical technology, a large number of those falling victim to cardiac emergencies could have averted the situation with proper diagnosis and prevention. Unfortunately, one of the biggest stumbling blocks to diagnosing potential heart problems has been the high cost of effective diagnostic equipment such as an EKG machine. This, however, has all changed with the wide availability of affordable electrocardiogram (EKG or ECG) machines on the market.

An EKG machine is the primary diagnostic tool used by medical professionals to measure, record and interpret a patient's heart activity. It produces a graphic representation of electrical impulses put out by the heart when beating and when at rest and displays the results on a roll of moving graph paper, a screen, or both. The waves produced, called 'traces', are then interpreted by the EKG technician and/or doctor. Some EKG units have a built-in computerized interpretive function, making this procedure easier and more accurate.

A reliable EKG test can uncover a range of heart abnormalities, such as:
  • Heart murmurs
  • Cardiac dysrhythmias
  • Syncope, or collapsed heart
  • Myocardial infarction, both past and present
  • Coronary ischemia
  • Ventricular hypertrophy
It is recommended that people with a family history of heart disease or those belonging to a group considered high risk for having potential heart problems have an annual medical check-up, including an EKG test. In past years, however, the test may not have been readily available because the healthcare provider administering the exam did not have one in the office. Rarely would a GP or family doctor send a patient out to another office for cardiac tests unless there was a clear indication of a suspected problem.

EKG Machines for Small Clinics and Medical Practices

Where reliable EKG equipment was once unavailable for less than tens of thousands of dollars, today they can be found for a fraction of the cost. The best EKG machines for small clinics are simply the ones that will do the job and are affordable within current budgetary constraints. Reputable online sites offer this type of equipment, brand new, for less than $2,000.

Some examples of available options include:

All of the above listed units are interpretive, are manufactured by well-known, reputable companies and can be found on Medical Device Depot at low prices. As an alternative, many higher priced units can be purchased as used, refurbished models at a fraction of their original selling price. There are many affordable options and, as important as these devices are, no clinic should be without one.

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