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Medical Device Depot – Event Monitors

Tracking Your Patients with Event Monitors

In the fast paced world of emergency medicine, every second counts. If you can give your patients the care they need within the Golden Hour, they have a much better chance of survival. In order to do this you must have all of the right equipment on your ambulance or rescue unit. One of these is the event monitor that is used to keep an eye on your patient's heart rhythm from the time you pick them up until they are safely delivered into the hands of the emergency room staff.

While an event monitor can be a relatively expensive piece of diagnostic and monitoring equipment, if you are ACLS rated, you should not be without one. Instead of shopping with your local medical equipment supplier and pay full retail for your monitor, you will find that at the Medical Device Depot we carry a full line of the best models available at the lowest prices you will find anywhere online.

The Medical Device Depot guarantees the lowest prices on all event monitors and equipment we sell or we will refund the difference.

Medical Device Depot – Podiatry Chair

In Search of the Right Podiatry Chair

As a podiatrist you know that the comfort of your patients is tantamount to your success. If there is one thing that the average patient is going to complain about, it is having to sit uncomfortably for long periods of time in the doctor's podiatry chair, while the doctor takes care of their feet. No matter how good the doctor is, if they are not comfortable, nothing else matters.

There are so many different styles of podiatry chair to choose from it can be hard to know which one is going to be the best choice for your office. Take the time to read the reviews of several models as this will help you to decide which one you are going to buy and then shop around online until you find a supply company that has the model you have chosen.

At the Medical Device Depot, you will find a selection of the most recommended models available at the lowest possible prices.

Medical Device Depot – Pulmonary Function Tests

Safer Pulmonary Function Tests

It is a simple fact that during pulmonary function tests, patient being tested is going to be exhaling and number of bacteria and viruses.  Both of which can pose serious health risks to the medical staff and future patients. In order to reduce this risk to practically nil, the PulmoGuard II provides an easy to use filtration device that is 99.999% efficient at eliminating the risk of cross contamination.

As a means of making pulmonary function tests safer, the PulmoGuard II has been designed to meet ATS air resistance standards and features a dead air volume of less than 70 ml. It is easy to attach to your PFT equipment and needs no adaptors for most SDI spirometers. There is a full range of adaptors available for many other brands to ensure that no matter what equipment you are using, you can use the PulmoGuard II to eliminate the risk of cross contamination from your testing process.

Make your pulmonary function tests safer with the PulmoGuard II available at the Medical Device Depot.

Medical Device Depot – Schiller ECG

Carrying the Full Range of Schiller ECG Machines

When the time comes to replace your old EKG machines or to add to the ones you are already using you will find that the full range of Schiller ECG machines will more than adequately cover your needs. Whether you need Holter monitors or are looking the latest cardiac exercise bike, Schiller manufactures them.  As a world leader in medical diagnostic equipment, each piece can represent a major investment for your office, unless you know where to shop for it.

At the Medical Device Depot, we carry a wide selection of Schiller ECG machines at the lowest prices on the web. Our goal is to provide the medical community with the best equipment possible at prices that are thousands of dollars below full list price. As you browse our online catalog you will find that we never sell for list price and if you find a lower price we will refund the difference.

The Medical Device Depot carries a full line of medical diagnostic equipment and supplies for the medical community.

Medical Device Depot – Welch Allyn Monitors

Getting the Best Deals on Welch Allyn Monitors

Welch Allyn monitors are considered to be among the best in the industry, they make a wide selection of different types of diagnostic equipment. From pulse oximeters to complete vital sign monitoring stations and ECG machines, they manufacture them all. The biggest challenge is to find a single source where you can buy all of the equipment you need at a price you can actually afford.

As with anything these days you can buy Welch Allyn monitors online from a variety of different web sites. The problem with this is that while every one of these sites pulls you in with promises of low prices, many of them are only trying to get you to come to their sites only to find out that they do not have what you need or the final price is much higher than you were led to believe.

At the Medical Device Depot we have a full selection of Welch Allyn monitors and we guarantee that we have the lowest prices or we will refund you the difference.