Steam Sterilization of Used Disposable Face Masks

Steam sterilization of used disposable face masks with respect to COVID-19 shortages

Tuttnauer has shared this information and we want to make it available to everyone as soon as possible.

We now have a protocol to steam sterilize masks. As many of you know, Tuttnauer is a world wide leader in autoclaves and has extensive knowledge with pandemics such as Ebola, SARS. We now we have a white paper with a protocol for steam sterilization. This study was done by an independent lab. It shows the efficacy of steam sterilization and that it does not impact the filtration of microbes.

Note: This protocol is only to be used on closed door drying units as to not expose to outside bacteria or compromise the sterility of the masks since our healthcare workers lives depend on it.

This cycle is a Pre Post Vac 250 degree delicate cycle 20 minutes sterilization with a 10 minute dry time.

Steam Sterilization of N95 FFP Masks White Paper

The program will work on these units: EZ 11 Plus, ELARA 11, 5075HSG, 4472 and 5596.