EKG by Country

For EKGs, Country of Manufacturer Matters
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Did you know that the country where your EKG machine is made can make a difference? The United States, Germany, Korea and others have a reputation for producing high quality medical products.

On the other hand, some countries are known to produce inexpensive products that are of lower quality. China and sometimes India fall into this category. As a quick reference, we include below a list of EKG machine manufacturers and the countries where they produce the machines.

Country of manufacture matters when it comes to EKG machines, so it's a good practice to know where your equipment originated.

Manufacturer Country
Burdick USA
Welch Allyn USA
Mortara USA
GE Various
Schiller Switzerland
Nasiff USA
QRS Diagnostics USA
Edan China
DRE True ECG China
Cardiotech China