Human Anatomical Models

Every biology class, med school and physician's office needs an accurate anatomical human body model. Students and patients can view the internal and external structure and study the various functions of the body's systems. As an educational tool, 3D models are invaluable.

Doctors and professors use these realistic models to enhance and support their communication. Patients and students gain a much better understanding of difficult to explain concepts.

Full body models are available in 1/2, 3/4 and life-size, single sex and dual sex, skeletal and muscle. In addition to full body 3D models, other models address specific areas, like heart, lung, eye, ear and brain. Who couldn't use an extra brain every now and then?

Models of specific bodily systems include digestive, nervous, and circulatory which illustrate body functions visually.

Medical Device Depot carries human body models from industry leaders like 3B Scientific, who also make anatomical teaching and learning software, injection training arms, anatomical and ana(c)omical gift items and other teaching aids.

Cast from actual specimens, 3B Scientific's anatomy models are then professionally manufactured to exacting medical quality standards.