The Importance of a Functioning EKG System
The Importance of a Functioning EKG System

Electrocardiography, or EKG for short, is the measurement of heart activity over a period of time. This noninvasive procedure is documented and created by a piece of medical equipment that is known as an electrocardiographic device. EKGs help pick up any abnormalities that may be going on in the heart due to myocardial infarction (heart attack). They also help pick up the overall beat of the heart and can help determine if the potassium level (electrolytes) is too high or too low.

In early 2009, the government passed an Economic Stimulus Package that came to about $840 billion. Some of this money will go to the medical industry and will hopefully encourage some clinics and hospitals to update their medical equipment from used medical products and medical equipment to new and updated medical devices. 

Some new and updated EKG systems have wireless data communication systems, which give the patient a better and freer range of motion. The product is wrapped around the patient's upper body with the standard electrodes. There is a patient transceiver that plugs into the torso product and can be worn as an armband. The EKG readings can then be transmitted to any monitor transceiver that is installed throughout the hospital and can be detected up to 30 feet. 

Besides giving the patient better and easier mobility, having a new and updated EKG system means there are more safety issues involved. Having a wireless EKG system means that false alarms will be reduced, and true clinical alarms will be more accurate. Because there are no wires to deal with, the clinical nursing staff will be able to give better patient care, faster transport of the patient, and will be able to do their jobs more efficiently. 

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