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Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitors

Ambulatory BP monitors (ABPM) measure blood pressure at regular intervals, allowing doctors to track changes in blood pressure during a patient's everyday activity, including sleep. Medical Device Depot offers blood pressure monitors from all major manufacturers, including Welch Allyn, Schiller, Suntech Medical, and A & D Medical.
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CPT Code: 93784 Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring, including recording, scanning analysis, interpretation, and report.
Average Reimbursement: $80
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24-Hour Blood Pressure Monitors

An ambulatory blood pressure monitor is a portable device that is used to monitor a patient's blood pressure at set intervals for a set period of time, typically 2448 hours. This device helps differentiate elevated blood pressure due to stress caused by a doctor's appointment, and instead monitors a patient's blood pressure all day, including while sleeping. These 24-hour blood pressure monitors give an accurate ABPM and aid a doctor's diagnosis of blood pressurerelated disorders. These medical devices also monitor blood pressure through the range of activities that a patient may engage in throughout the day.

Medical Device Depot has an ambulatory blood pressure monitoring device to meet the needs of your patients. We carry some of the most popular brands, such as A&D Medical, Burdick/Mortara, Mobil-O-Graph, Riester, Schiller, SunTech, VectraCor/QRS Diagnostics, and Welch Allyn. We also carry blood pulse monitors and all the necessary accessories, such as cuffs for different sizes, patient diaries, and more. Get trusted equipment like Welch Allyn blood pressure monitors or models like Oscar 2 from SunTech. Order online today or call us at 877-646-3300 for the best prices on medical devices.